Lose 3 kg in a week

To lose 3 kg in a week seems a bit, but if you ever get rid of those extra pounds, not so tempting? The biggest annoyance is that diets after weight-loss program ends in a few weeks, recover weight that you missed.


If your diet is full and complex, if you will starve and prove some of the outcomes of diets you can enjoy for a long time. Ideally, most of the instructions in the diet to keep them as a lifestyle, because the only way you can keep the weight at a constant level.

Jump rope for two minutes, every day. If you do these exercises in the morning you'll have a great start and the body will be accelerated burning all day. Add to hopping two minutes, ten pushups and ten squats. It is not much, but if you make every day have a very effective fitness program that will your model, as within a couple of months, and ass, and legs, and arms. However, you have nothing to lose.

Includes three food diet which result in body fat mobilization date. Fatty fish, high fiber foods, green vegetables. Fatty fish is herring, sardines, salmon. Fibers are found in whole grains, the best being full oats and rye. Regarding the list is long green vegetables: asparagus, radishes, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower, artichokes, zucchini, green beans, cabbage.

Eat foods rich in protein: chicken, turkey and rabbit. Menu always includes beans, lentils, mushrooms and soy derivatives.

Body can not process chemical sweeteners, so you pack into fat and stored them.
Forget any products that that says "fat free" and "sugar free". Are all processed foods full of additives that reduce the metabolism and burns fool you. The exception is only skimmed milk. Choose iautul plain full-fat look at who has all kinds of extras that make it palatable. Body can not process chemical sweeteners, so you pack into fat and stored them. Consumption of beverages or food so-called "sugar-free" are the foundation colaceilor. Not to mention that fuels the growth of cellulite.

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