I lost 42 pounds in five months

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I lost 42 pounds in five months. Do not think that's possible, but here it was. As we did, you will read in the following.Whenever I meet people who do not know them before, but I knew "on TV", the main topic of discussion inevitably reach my weight loss diet and the question "how did you do it?". Anything else does not seem to be important for my interviewees. And maybe they're right. Maybe politics, and revelations, and scandals, and all the madness that surrounds us collateral topics from real concerns of many of us. After all, it is important to be healthy, the rest of the humans see how they go. Or, well, as someone said, "to have health especially lucky, as were healthy and that the Titanic".To begin, a few words about retaining the "weight" to discuss this issue. Neglect is due to problems with excessive weight and a certain type of mentality. Unfortunately, in Romania, being fat is more subject to ridicule, shame, the indication of an alleged lack of will, but a serious problem or faulty metabolic diseases with serious consequences of the body. There are studies, there are warnings about the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, etc.. for overweight people, but there is a functional institutional framework that would help those with such problems. There are initiatives, but insufficient to the extent scourge that has come to affect more than a quarter of the population, from children to older people (how many of them take old age ...).Without these institutions, there are a lot of recipes, coaches, counselors, some well-intentioned and well-informed, others are in business only even collect some cash from customers not lack. There are a lot of strong companies with miracle cures, herbal or on training with new kinds of devices fabricated with creams or special recipes. I'm not saying it would not be useful. Anything is better than resignation and inexorable path to a premature extinction. Only about many of them are more likely to be successful only if those workouts are accompanied by a severe diet. In fact, the regime will matter more than the rest ... a kind of placebo.Your notes are not face a manual or a book of recipes, but contain all the information that I find useful for those who want to go through such an experience. In fact, all the information that I have been my useful. I have established a well defined structure exposure for months when I kept no cure guided not necessarily specific recipes, but were months of testing, searches for failures and recoveries, but with positive end. I think all this information will be useful to those who want to proceed to such a harrowing experience, but necessary, even vital. Rather those who want to lose massive: 30 or 40 pounds. Perhaps even more, though, which aims to cure the weakness of over 50 kilograms involved and more complicated problems. To some extent may be useful to those concerned with maintenance or weight loss cures few pounds they consider excessive, but they can find enough other less demanding recipes.First, though, I think that religion can be a moral support for those in a similar situation that I went through and want to get rid of many excess pounds, but did not know how to start, when to start and if everything is pointless torment.How we startedProblems with excess weight I had all the time, except during adolescence when I lifted and I put too many extra pounds. In 12th grade I was 82 pounds in the last year of college had reached 88. So much for that age and height of 1.78, but not disturbing. After 35 years, when my work had become more stressful but also more sedentary, we began to accumulate steadily. In 1994 had reached 104 kg, after which we had a one year scholarship in the United States, Stanford, California. We stayed in a host family doctors who took great care that breakfast and dinner to be "healthy". Eat lunch on campus, a salad or a hamburger. Every time I ate was hamburger or pizza, Dr. Creger was deeply disappointed and even scold me, trying to convince me not alimntez me with "junk fast food." "If you want a hamburger, you do it tomorrow." And he did. Grilled, seasoned with tomatoes, onions and lettuce taste very good, though without mayonnaise or ketchup - that no ingredients "deadly". At that time I did a lot of movement, because all the roads around campus or in their surroundings on foot or by bike. The first month I lost ten kilograms, then I kept on line, without making special efforts to keep without any diet. Just eat what they ate and how many hamburger get away from time to time. I returned home and resumed work stress and the pounds started to come together again.Over time, feeling like a weight reach unbearable, try different cures. Together with the late Anton Uncu, we held two weeks famous dissociated diet. And excruciating headaches, but I managed to get rid of seven pounds. I put it back in the coming weeks. Then I tried to move. For one week every morning walking, fast walking, for an hour, an hour and 20 minutes - that is 5 to 7 miles. Naturally careful not to overfeed me more than was necessary to compensate peirderile, and without holding any special diet in parallel. The result also lost about 7 pounds, but in seven days. After that and get fat and try it week "movement", but less often, because every time I get with tonsillitis. Have been coincidence, or that inhaled air pollution infierbatat of Bucharest, I can not say. I tried to abandon routes street, in favor of the Herastrau, but it was too far and too complicated, due to lack of time. I tried various courses of green tea pills, but apart insomnia I managed to get much.At 48 years old 124 pounds. Already I could not look in the mirror. Breathe hard knees started to hurt and I had a terrible state of apathy. If not expect anything from life. Work all day, from morning to evening, including Sundays - Sunday was the most miserable day for me. The only day off was Saturday morning when I slept until 11, then went to the supermarket to do shopping for the week. As for holidays, if caught two weeks a year, was a big deal.Only evenings relaxing moments came when we go to each one carciumioara. Eat heartily - because I did not have time in the morning and at lunch me with all sorts of junk food from caterers. Walk, and a sprite summer after that, back home, walk to the refrigerator and sleeping with food in the neck, had to take one or, lately, even two Omez's, so I can sleep. And sleep was tormented, without dreams, or worse, full of nightmares, and the next day I was again tired, listless, lethargic.You did not go to the pub, watching television and napping. Even I thought that my son will remember how I could not keep my eyes open at nine o'clock movie. After that stays until late at night lying on the couch like a whale fainted. Not anymore. I wanted to start a diet necessarily, but I think it will deprive me and little pleasure that I had: spritulet rare dinners at the restaurant. Then on what to live?By whatever circumstances I left the paper and became home. It was a real surprise to discover Bucharest in daylight. Although with so much free time, stay still, "plugged in". I started some projects, I took another job, postponing from one day to another great debut weight loss diet that considered imminent. This threshold until summer, when already the situation became critical.And the day came when I decided: now or never. Following summer, a period of acclaimed on all fronts that interested me. I had a few months and take care of me. I knew if I did not at that time, if there aman, come fall, I'll start other projects, stress and other obligations, which would be lover indefinitely cure. I felt not only get into another existential crisis but also a crisis of time and apathy began to be downright sickly, with accents of depression, health problems, not serious, but more worrisome.First ten daysOne morning early summer I interned at Otopeni, "Ana Aslan" for a thorough medical checkup with the idea to start diet under medical supervision for at least two weeks. Ultimately proved to be ten days, but enough to start. Were important and rearranging domestic environment. That is the disappearance of the refrigerator all kinds of temptations, because, well, "sick" returned home with recipes and menus have helped to follow strict "treatment".In the first days of hospitalization I did all the tests plus glucose test, electrocardiogram, ultrasound, ophthalmologic examination, etc.. I came out very bad, nor good. Cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar higher than average, as creatinine and uric acid, glucose test problems, all required a medication called plus diet drastically. I had to do another round of tests that were some signs of diabetes, arteriosclerosis and others that I do not remember. In addition to medication (for various ailments that seem to suffer, not weight loss), I have also recommended physiotherapy, ultrasound, medical gymnastics, massage. I followed constiicios, as treatment, but was hardest diet.I went to 1200 calories per day. And last restriction: no sugar, salt and fat. Although I can not say much eating before admission, portions of 1200 calories per day I looked incerdibil poor. Morning: a cup of skim milk and two slices of cheese desarata, dim lunch a soup of vegetables and a piece of grilled chicken breast with lettuce plus an apple and an evening square liver pudding with carrots and another March. And this was the transition regime, because there are the 800 calories a day!I kept the regime and delayed effects did not occur. On the one hand, nemaiingurgitand salt and sugar, the body does not retain water, so the first three days I lost two pounds quickly, on the other hand started cruel dizziness, sometimes with headache. But I succumbed to temptation. Actually I never what to give up, because I had only apples in the refrigerator. I do industrial quantities of tea, which he drank without any sweetener.Next door neighbors saw me weak, pale and I was wondering why not compensate regime with some food from home because they do not support it, for which they had filled the fridge with chicken, cheese, fruit and other delicacies. Well the more I came to hospital to cure, if filled my fridge? Even with apples, eat only two or three in addition to receiving the meal, although the doctor had told me that I could eat the bag. The fact is that after these ten days I managed to lose excruciating 7 kg. See especially the front, but otherwise, really hard. However, the start was made.Up to minus 18 kgAlthough the beginning was encouraging, we continue cure large uncertainties. I thought to lose at least ten kilograms. Although secretly I wish a lot more, I never thought I'd be able. On departure from Otopeni, I asked the doctors what treatment should follow. I got the answer I expected: no salt, sugar and fat-free dressings, fried foods rantasuri or without puffs, no sweets, no peanuts, no pasta, no bread, no, no, no ... And alcohol in any form ! I was really desperate. What was still breathing, if you are prohibited and the last joy of life? "And then what to do?" - I asked. "Find your why. Exercise, fresh air "- was my answer. I lamurisera! Even if you had given down seven pounds, the situation was not significantly improved. But if all begins ...Returned home, I went to the hospital regime and started to look online recipes, tips, experiences of others. Meanwhile, we have reduced the system to about 800 calories a day. If I still had dizziness and generalized weakness, even to see what's next.On the internet I found all sorts of specialized sites, but the most interesting ones I thought were the calorie content of each food separately. How cheese was too much, I cut it all off the list. I tried with skimmed milk, 0.1 percent fat, but it was too bland. Eventually I settled on semi buttermilk 1.5 percent fat I've become addicted. I also found some canned tuna with vegetables 120 calories per cup, so daily menu in the next two weeks was about this: morning cup of semi-skim milk, noon a tin of tuna or fish sauce (no oil), evening a piece of grilled chicken breast with lettuce, possibly a roach. Then I read somewhere that tomato soup as indicated, so we went for evening canned tuna and eat lunch of tomato soup without salt and a little chicken. Otherwise, apples, unsweetened tea or coca.Plus one hour, an hour and a half walk every morning, except Saturday and Sunday's days. I set different routes, but eventually I fixed on one of them, because almost half of the road makes the park. There were about 7 km away quickly and at first it was quite difficult. Although I had made comfortable sports shoes, the first day I had blisters on his feet. Weaning me up and to walk away! Only after about two weeks I passed blistering stage and started to walk somewhat normally even with relaxation and pleasure.But his best friend was weighed. It is vital. I weighed in the morning, noon and evening, and-n and-n waking sleep, trying to see what effect they had tried various foods. The great thing I learned to eat very little anyway, but the scale was (and is) always present in the program. I got one electronically, not too expensive, but effective, showing up per pound. The mechanical'm not too sure.What I managed to remove the menu was alcohol. Not that I wanted, but for some projects had meetings with friends or acquaintances and, as summer comes to discussions on each terrace. When he asked me what we drink and tell them not drink alcohol, though it broke the movie. Had no mood to talk, became grumpy, so I had to give up: "Well torna me some glass." One hundred grams of wine has about 165 calories, how much per cup of grilled chicken breast, so baby taiam evening menu. Unfortunately, neither then nor altcandva throughout the course, I managed to push early dinner. All dinner at eight or nine, sometimes ten, but that's not all you can do really.After the first month I was spending down about 11 pounds. Began to know. Three holes less to loose the belt and XXL 3XL shirts after I was pretty tight with a month ago. Even mentally become effective cure. Something better tone, and enough sleep 7 hours a night. The most gratifying was that I sleep with dreams resumed. And does not appear endless nightmares! I do not even remember when I had no peaceful dreams without nightmares! Was explained. Not aggravate stomach to sleep and, as someone said, had given down more than a bucket of water that hit me day and night.Although weakness and dizziness persists, more rarely it is true, began to merit. Although we go through the right windows, still watching the looks unhappy. See that Loosen, but far from enough.Had reached 113 kg, so I could target target of 110 - would have been an achievement that no hope. And began to see that indeed there are other rewards that can replace an awful severe privations to which I subjected. Satisfaction that I could not imagine anything I would say that they exist when I was a depressed apathetic to 124 pounds. Mood changed, I started to regain tone, I could climb, albeit with some effort, the stairs to the eighth floor.It had been a month and it was time for a new medical examination. I went to the Institute Cantacuzino and I do analysis. Cholesterol, triglycerides and blood glucose levels were still high but had fallen to acceptable upper limit. Nicolau The doctor inspected my analysis, I praised the results and told me it was time to establish clearer still a diet of 1200 calories per day. Next I had allowed salt, sugar and fats, sweets and puffs, fried foods and so on, but I may breads, cereals, alcohol occasionally. In fact, I had willingly enough, if I care to continuously calculate calories. Regarding medication, recommended me something for cholesterol, but no longer worrying analyzes, we agreed to keep clean without any medicine. Otherwise I could not tell if improvements are the effect of cure or medication. Over one month ago to come back to check.Returned home, I applied the new rules, but be careful not to exceed 1000 calories, not 1200. Were eager to see how quickly the results. Morning eat a cup of skim milk with graham sandwich at lunch tomato soup with chicken and a slice of bread, and in the evening a barbecue of chicken, beef or fish with grilled vegetables and tomato salad with onions. March 1 complete as many as needed.Started dating and terrace, where mergeu two - three glasses of red wine. Finished with Sprite and it really does not feel like it. Trecusm to come with water.Try to improve the system with various foods, always careful to list calories, gasibile on numerous websites. The doctor had told me that it's no use to bother me with all sorts of cures blood groups or separated or who knows what that is unsafe, may be even harmful and not have too many followers or the West. Calorie diet is holy. The body also needs protein (meat, milk, etc..) And carbohydrates (from bread, rice etc) and vitamins, so a balanced diet, but in small amounts is most appropriate and healthy. Importantly body to consume more calories than the food gets. As a rule, the body consumes about 2,000 calories daily, with food as the calorie intake is lower, the more weight loss. True, I have not yet ventured to reintroduce cheese on the menu, but there was no problem. Sunday morning eat an omelet with tomatoes and sometimes evening went Along with a couple of small chicken skewers with grilled vegetables and white cabbage salad and beetroot.I have not yet cleared if available calories theory "negative", but inclined to think it would. I mean are foods such as apples, the body consumes more calories to digest them than they bring body. That is why you are told to eat apple bag. But sweet, they bring too many carbohydrates.Anyway, it's clear to me that double refined or refined foods are assimilated more rapidly, while the rest of the body is forced to eat food good calories in digestion. Therefore it is recommended to use honey instead of sugar, brown bread instead of white bread etc. You to figure available to anyone, not just slimming belts severe. In addition, it is very important how to prepare. French fries, for example, has 400 calories per cup, while boiled potatoes have 50 calories.After another three weeks (one month and three weeks in total) regime and walk one hour and 25 minutes each morning, five days a week, I was at minus 18 kg.Coming summer vacation. Two weeks ago we left Tenerife and need analysis because I still dizziness, although family doctor assured me that they are not necessary. I admire the will and said it's normal for the body to cure itself after so severe. I have got to worry about. Nobody died from a diet - as I hold, obviously.I went to Tenerife and I spent two wonderful weeks of beach, wallowing and rides. In terms of diet, I imposed some restrictions, but not much. I said there's no point to ruin my vacation. I give below the return that accumulate there. Eat hearty morning: scrambled eggs with two - three pieces of fried sausage, then continue with cereal with milk, lunch on the beach take a sandwich or a chicken breast and evening starts with a cold soup, continue with seafood or fish , then grilled beef wrap with fruit. May bedtime drinking a cocktail or a glass of wine with friends at a bar or at one of the many terraces.I was hungry, I had dizziness, but I can not say I gorged. Anyway I ate more consistent than at home. And yet, although had reached 106 kg, although the past, jeans from size 44 to size 38 (the efforts, it is true, but eventually managed to drag me) and I felt much more Well, confidence in how I felt a month and a half before, since I was a fat man in the eyes of others. "Revelation" we had on the beach. Talked with a young Spaniard who sold tickets to a mini-park water and it was interesting to visit Romania because he had problems with teeth and heard that there are good dentists and dental work prices are much lower than them. Between two words, I measured the gaze and asked in a tone of admiration search: "But you must have over a hundred pounds, right?" We confirmed realizing with disappointment that despite my efforts to get out almost two buckets of water, a fat remains visible to others.On the way back we had unexpected and pleasant surprise to find that I was the same weight of departure. No extra pound or less.Up to minus 32 poundsWe continued the previous regime vacation. After two weeks at minus 21 pounds, I went back to analysis. They went all in normal limits, except for creatinine and uric acid, which were stubborn stand above the upper limit. "It happens to meat eaters," they said in a soothing tone. Anyway, I was glad had returned to normal blood sugar and cholesterol, and triglycerides without medication. In addition, there was no pain or knee joints, but very rarely. Even the eye exam we went well. Casual wear (when driving a car or when watching TV) glasses - 1.25 diopters and now had come to - 0.5. I made another pair, but do not know where it is, because I've never felt the need. In fact, the glasses was another story. I noticed that not too distant blurred vision after an exhausting, when I had to write five scenarios for TV movie series in a month and a half. Ophthalmologist told me then that perhaps the stress I shoot, otherwise not much that happens to people for 39 years. At that age you start to have problems with reading, not by sight distance. However, it was from stress or other causes, the fact is that we got rid of glasses. I got rid of a mild form of psoriasis that annoy me for years. Probably caused all the stress. There was an ordeal, but I actually came up a few spots, some disappear after a few weeks of wearing cream but others appear immediately. Now, finally, get rid of it.Most of all, though, I delight mood. A different tone, unsuspected optimism, although I can not say as a professional who knows what opportunities had arisen - on the contrary. But life was quite different. In addition, I started to get used increasingly to the new diet. If beef barbecue before does not compare to a juicy pork collars or scaricica and only eat fish need in a visit now gratarelul beef and vegetables - dovelecel, mushrooms, sliced ​​peppers and grilled eggplant - had become vital. And trout or bream stuffed with vegetables and baked in aluminum foil - a miracle. While fries that once I'd eaten in bed and waking, I now seemed tasteless. I started to also add unsweetened orange juice, campari possibly a finger to bed, I discovered a great rose wine you taste sometimes evening with friends at a terrace and a slice of FOCAC went. If exaggerate in many an evening, weighing me twitch immediately. A day or two brought me back to privations descending line weight, it's true now noticeably slower than the beginning.After three and a half months early cure (four months if put into consideration vacation Tenerife) had reached - 32 pounds. That is more than three buckets of water taken down. Long gone and past knee pain and my old wardrobe was unusable. I got some shirts and some shirts XL, other belts, jeans size 38 were breeches and even the size 36 had become a little loose. Try to work a couple 34 were pretty tight, I thought to no longer buy (perhaps as a result of old disappointments, from the time when fewer and fewer clothes fit me and I started to hate probation), but I took eventually. Rediscover it's like going shopping. The months before it was a pain to find my clothes. Very rarely found myself suits or jackets size 60 or 44 jeans, not to mention shirts and shirts 3XL. Sellers gave shrugged with regret, but I feel it's not their fault, but my fault ajunsesm already proportions beyond the bearable.A great episode stayed with me. Trying to prove a jacket that I could better the shoulders, but it was too short. Seller kindly approached, looked at the label and I explained to men's shorter and full-bodied "will immediately bring one the same size for normal people." For normal people! I was finally a normal person!We found, in those days, the internet and a computer system with a ratio of height, age, sex and body mass and found that I was already not obese (cure before I was even starting to limit where severe obesity) but an overweight person.It was time for a new medical examination. I made tests and this time came all within normal limits. The doctor congratulated me. More rarely such a patient. I had come from 124 pounds to 92!"No, stop! You look great. I do know that I begin to diet. Watch now to maintain. It's very dangerous to suddenly give the regime. Body felt that a period of tribulation and quickly assimilate what comes. Much faster than before. ""But you said when I first came, like my height and age should have about 80 to 82 pounds?""Leave, dear, I said I encourage you. I do not even have imagined that so much ambition. Now ready, stop or suddenly not so good. If You want to get off, continue with the regime. Add a little bit, but pay attention to calories. Each one kilogram per month minus enough. No more. "And her friends began advising me to stop. With some I never had seen for months and had a shock when we meet at any meal. I searched his eyes until I felt embarrassed. Alex, more directly, he said: "I do not mind, but I can not get used to you. You seem agreeable person, I feel like I know you from somewhere better, but still I can not believe that you are Bogdan. "Not to say that meeting various famous street, say hello, I responded in the doubtful and move on, then suddenly stopped and returned puzzled: "Bogdan? Sorry, I did not recognize. "Others tried to avoid the situation gently and only after long sounding dared advance a few reassuring words: "It better not be any trouble with health ..."No, there was no trouble. On the contrary.Of course I could avoid the subject as a weight loss diet, not to end up a pestle that everyone avoids him. Are my peers who have passed through such experiences and try to make everyone follow them until they become unsympathetic. Especially when you talk to some who already have good extra kilograms. Invariably though, we got to talking about weight loss, for which I prepared speech. More concise advice that we can move quickly to other topics of discussion.Up to minus 42 poundsThere I stopped at 92 pounds. I went almost month the right dietary restrictions relaxing as possible, until I got to 82 pounds. To stay and a margin of a few pounds if after the period of treatment - especially as winter holidays coming - I will put something. Although I lost slowly at first, was much easier. I already used diet dizziness were rare, and the time has come plooasa fall and I never did walk. I was 82 pounds but, like high school and I was a different man. That after repairs. Optimistic tone, energy, good analysis, carciumioare beautiful evening, if we took their lives anew. I do not imagined it would be so, as a listless obese nearly 50 years, with no desire to live with an incurable boredom, I managed to take over again, to rediscover the countless small pleasures of life .Success!
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Lose weight in 14 days without stress. Guaranteed by a famous nutritionist diet

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Pounds, hips full, or simply a shape that does not satisfy you, just before going on holiday to the seaside? No need to panic. There is a 14 day miracle diet gives incredible results.

If it's been a while since you looked in the mirror and you notice that your hips are higher than they were last time, it's for a new diet to follow simple steps and you will get results in 14 days. One that guarantees results Fiona Kirk is an expert in nutrition. It has found the perfect recipe for a sculpted body like no starvation, exercise hard or sharp deductions regarding certain foods.

5 Super Effective Tips that will help you lose weight after delivery guaranteed

Aware of the existence of a wide range of diets on the market, it found that 85% of women undergoing their diet "regain" weight taken down in less than three years after the termination regime. Therefore, his study has had the sample on the 15% of women who have maintained cessation silhouette with diet.

Fiona proposed diet is based on:

1. Calcium. Recommended foods are rich in calcium such as salmon, which contain healthy oils and fats. You can also eat tofu, broccoli, oatmeal, yogurt, almonds - all foods with high calcium content.

2. Omega 3. Omega 3 fatty acids regulate blood sugar levels, which leads to reduced appetite. Foods rich in Omega 3 recommended to keep a diet are avocados, nuts and chickpeas.

3. Fermentable carbohydrates. Foods containing fermentable carbohydrates are rich in fiber and suppress hunger. Are recommended foods such as asparagus, artichokes, garlic.

Fiona gives some suggestions proposed to her diet:

1. Fruits should be eaten until 11:30 am-disordered digestion is the main enemy of a diet which involves meals just regulation.

2. Lunch is recommended vegetable soup (as indicated above) and a salad.

3. Avoid heavy carbs after 18:00, that if you do not exercise in the evening (potatoes, beans, rice).

How to eat 100 fewer calories daily. Here are 10 practical ways

4. Eat at least three vegetables for dinner.

5. Allocate at least 30 minutes daily of physical exercised your time. Recommended morning when fats are burned easiest.

6. Drink water every two or three hours.
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Fast diet 4 days

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If you get to read this far, you probably still have not found the perfect diet for you. Arrangements to introduce you is very strict so that it is not recommended that all people with kidney or liver problems.

Fast diet 4 days

Now it is a question you may have noticed: all diets tell you exactly what and how to eat.
That's the problem in some diets. In short, I can tell you that here I give you the most valuable advice in the field both through articles. It is up to you. And this blog is perfect for you if you want to lose weight fast, effective and easy! Okay, back to our brief digression, I want to say that this diet is divided into 4 parts (hence the name Diet 4 days).

First day: eat any vegetables your heart desires and your cravings desired quantities.

The next day: You eat plenty of yogurt. In fact, this day only eat yogurt in the quantities they covet.

Third day: You will eat only meat. I know, I know licking his lips and looking forward. Likely reward day. There's no problem, trust and eat just as you well spades. Nothing more, nothing less.

Fourth day: eat only fruit today. E on fruit. After a busy day of feasting, now you recreate the abundant fruits. You can also eat many fruits you want. Success!

Three major advantages:

You can follow this diet very easy and wherever you are.

You will not suffer from hunger (from my own experience tell you that most fruits are nourishing)

Get cheap with this diet. In other words, all you need are some relatively cheap food.
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Tips for a good sleep - recommended for weight loss

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As we have mentioned in other articles and diet, it is important to rest and properly. A good sleep is closely related with people of any weight loss plan. In this article I will try to give you some tips for a good night's sleep.

- Do not watch television before bed. Like many people, you are probably used to the look at a movie or a show every night before bed. Paid little attention to this, and you will see how much you annoy sleep. Instead of watching TV, you can choose to read a book or magazine. This works wonders - especially fiction books that can help you forget about the day's events.

- Do not drink caffeine late hours. Coffee or tea rich in caffeine consumption in the afternoon, can remain active in the body until after 22 pm. It is preferable that last caffeinated beverages to be consumed at lunch.

- Avoid eating sugar before bed. Although sugar consumption is prohibited during a weight loss diet, it is important to know that it affects your sleep. Its consumption before bedtime can make you wake up in the middle of the night when sleep is sweeter.

- No more thinking about work or other problems before bedtime. Nothing is worse than a mind stuck at work before bed. Calculations and working papers sleep before you can add bad dreams or nightmares. Finish everything you work at least 2 hours before bedtime.

Make any choices regarding sleep, think it may be the missing link in your health regime. Try to follow the advice above and go to bed no later than 22 hours. This is very useful when you want to lose weight quickly and you will maintain general good health.
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Diet foods that contribute beneficial

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What foods contribute beneficial diet? Each food has a certain effect on weight loss diets. Some foods reduce hunger, others give a feeling of fullness, some are very low in calories while some stabilize metabolism. Let's find out what foods and how they contribute to weight loss.

- Apples and Pears: These fruits are rich in pectin, trace elements and vitamins causing a feeling of fullness. They are ideal to be used in diets for short snacks.
- Figs help the digestive system because it contains many important fiber. Are among the most important fruit that promotes weight loss.
- Peanuts contain more protein and thus help reduce appetite. In various diets are ideal for snacks or can be an ingredient in vegetable salads.
- Almonds are a real "deposit" of valuable substances. Contain calcium, iron, phosphorus, fiber and vitamins. Despite its high fat diets are recommended because these fats are not absorbed by the body.
- Cottage cheese fat can nourish the body and provide a feeling of fullness for a long time because it is rich in protein. These proteins are found in cheese are harder to digest and the body burns more calories (energy) for this.
- Fish is one of the foods best suited to follow a diet. Fish, has beneficial effects on thyroid, heart, body provides iodine and essential fatty acids and helps burn fat.
- Green tea is rich in nutrients and is recommended in many diets. To get the best effect it is recommended to drink at least 4 cups of unsweetened green tea daily.
- Spices spicy like horseradish, pepper and paprika have excellent properties due to energy production in the body which is useful in the fat burning process.
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Lose weight in a week with a super diet recommended by nutritionists

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Allow an interval of 15-30 minutes for each meal, remove rontaielile and fast food products, fried foods, mayonnaise sauces, stuffings.

Treated fruits like the sweets, limit yourself to one fruit per day. Be reasonable and eat without worrying about calorie content or Serving size: any lean meat, low-fat dairy products, fish, eggs, flour and cereals, rice, vegetables as many, all cooked as simple.

Do not stay away from broths and soups, tomato juice used as a basis for food, thrown out of the house all the "temptations" power.

The following plan may weaken at least 3 pounds in two weeks, but it all depends on the rules of the basis of any diet.

Monday: Morning: 1 slice bread + coffee + 1 omelette (1 egg + 1 slice of ham). Lunch: 200g grilled beef + 50 g of cooked pasta (with 1 tablespoon olive oil and spices). Dinner: 100 grams of smoked salmon (4 slices) + 4 + 1 slice melon salad without mayonnaise (1 tablespoon olive oil, vinegar and spices).

Tuesday: Breakfast: 1 coffee + 1 boiled egg + 1 natural yogurt (150 g) + 1 slice bread Lunch: Grilled chicken breast half 4-5 tablespoons + green beans + 1 cube butter (10 g) + 1 banana Small Dinner: 200 g chicken livers + 4 tablespoons of cooked rice with salt and spices + 1 cabbage salad with 1 tablespoon olive oil, vinegar and salt.

Wednesday: Breakfast: 1 coffee + 1 slice of bread + cream cheese + 1 red light. Lunch: 200g grilled beef baked potato + 1 + 1 + 1 fruit salad seasonal pickles. Dinner: 150 g smoked chicken breast pieces cut and put on one large assorted salad (lettuce 1 tomato + 1 cucumber + 2 + 1 + 2 tablespoons pepper olive oil, vinegar, salt).

Thursday: Breakfast: 1 coffee + 1 cup of milk with 1.5% fat + 1 slice of bread + 1 slice of lean ham. Lunch: 200g grilled pork + 4-5 tablespoons of cabbage (with tomato sauce, a little oil and salt) + 1 slice of bread. Dinner: 200 g cottage cheese + 2 tablespoons of cream with 12% fat + 4 tablespoons of polenta + 1 seasonal fruit.
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Cardio + diet = weight loss

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From the outset it must be said that the significant decrease in weight is not an easy thing to do, requiring a lot of willpower on your part to comply fully with required software. For fat loss recommend a combination of cardio and diet modification program.
Training will last 45-60 min. and will be conducted early in the morning, preferably on an empty stomach, so that the best fat burn. Training will begin with a few slight warming and stretching exercises (stretching), which will not take more than 5-10 minutes. then you continue with the training part. To get the best results the exercises should be performed with high intensity, which is on the heart rate must be at least 65 percent of maximum heart rate (you can find your heart rate under "Tests" ). Most effective board devices are running, stationary bike and the treadmill. If you do not have access to a gym equipped with such devices can go cycling, running or walking in step march, the only downside being that you can not measure heart rate during exercise. For example, if a jogging approx. 10 km / h, you burn 10 to 15 calories / min., Depending on your body weight.
On diet will be low-calorie, which means you consume fewer calories than your daily need. For a real effect and rapid weight loss diet you should consume approx. 300-500 calories less than normocalorica diet daily (daily normocaloric it needs are all under the heading "Tests"). This reduction will be very easy to endure long periods of time, the effort required is minimal (you will not feel hungry). Avoid carbs because they are used as an energy source, in their absence from burning body fat deposits. You will need to follow a very strict diet, fat, sweets, salads based on raw, lean beef or fish, chicken etc.. Also, a weight loss supplement will be of great help.

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